3055 Anderson, Terrebonne, Quebec


Purchased in 2014, this industrial building had a leasable area of 245,000 s.f. with a very weak tenant occupying the entire buildingShortly thereafter, the tenant went bankrupt. The building was then transformed to multi-tenant building and many truck loading doors were addedIn 2019, an expansion of 140,000 s.f. was built. Today, the building is valued at $60M and boasts very strong tenant mix.

Type d'immeuble
Construction dateBuilt in 2003, first expansion in 2005 and land development in 2019
Building size365,694 sq. ft.
Land size758,725 sq. ft.
Number of storeysOne (two storey office)
Clear height23' - 26’ (original) and 32’ (expansion)
Column spacing37,5’ x 26’
Shipping23 truck level doors and 3 drive-in doors (original) and 20 truck level loading docks (expansion)
ParkingAmple parking